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The Salming Distance 4 men’s running shoes are the next evolution of Salming’s Distance series.

The moment you toss these machines on your feet you’ll notice the soft, plush comfort for pounding on hard surfaces and going the extra mile over long distances.

According to Salming they are 6% lighter than the previous model, with the 3 layer upper being replaced by the new 2 layer upper to keep weight to a minimum.

You get all the technologies you love in this lighter, sleeker and faster package at no cost to performance.

The 2 layer upper gives you the perfect blend of durability and breathability, combined with a quick, zippy feel for beating your personal best.

You get superior responsiveness than previous models with the lightweight and flexible midsole featuring unique High Abrasion Injection EVA for an excellent ground feel.

The TGS 62/75° system enhances stability where you need it most - the distance between the heel and the ball of the foot that covers 62% of the shoe and ends at a 75 degree angle.

The running shoe has ample flexibility in front of the 75 degree line and bends in key zones to encourage natural lateral and forward motion.

- In comparison to the Race model, the Distance model has a semi-transparent TPU instead of a lightweight carbon fiber torsion unit
- Improved RunLite midsole absorbs shock on impact for a smooth, stress-free transition and provides effective energy release on toe off
- The Torsion Efficiency Unit for increased responsiveness and sturdiness without excessive support is positioned strategically for optimal running efficiency
- Heel cup gives you an adaptive fit without any added bulk and at no cost to the lightweight design
- Exo Skeleton supports lateral motion with enhanced stability while keeping your MTP joints (Metatarsophalangeal joints) in great shape by relieving pressure
- Exo Skeleton minimises the stress of side forces and friction to protect the soft areas of your feet
- 5mm drop provides natural running gait and is common to Salming’s Distance, Speed and Race models
- Outsole with mid and forefoot featuring lightweight blown rubber and heel featuring real rubber

Salming Distance 4 - Mens Running Shoes 1286040-0105 0FezJrF